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Mount Royal Cemetery

Mount Royal Commemorative Services

Multidenominational, Mount Royal Cemetery was founded in 1852 on land that was formerly agricultural property. It covers about 66 hectares on the north slope of Mount Royal and was one of the first rural cemeteries in North America.

To discover the cemetery…

Its design respects the topography and native plant life of the area. Since its foundation, the cemetery has been an arboretum and an interesting place for bird watching.

The cemetery’s records are available to historians and others who wish to trace their family trees.


  • Take part in talks and go on guided historic tours offered throughout the year.
  • Ask for thematic brochures to explore the grounds.
  • Attend outdoor concerts and other thematic activities.

Mount Royal Cemetery
1297 chemin de la Forêt
Outremont, Québec H2V 2P9
Tel.: (514) 279-7358