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Podcast walks 1: Summit Circuit, Mount Royal Park

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-A. Summit circuit, Mount Royal Parc.
Download the podcasts: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7

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Podcast walks 1.PDF

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2- A1 International Sculpture Symposium

3- A2 The chalet

4- A3 Mission Fox

5- A4 The cross

6- A5 One Mountain, Three Summits

7- A6 Mission peleated woodpecker

8- A7 Smith House

9- B1 Beaver Lake

10- B2 Mount Royal Cemeteries

11- B3 Notre-dame-des-Neiges Cemetery

12- B4 Chemin Côte des Neiges

13- B5 Oratoire Saint-Joseph

14- B6 Mission Woodpecker

15- B7 Westmount Lookout