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Ville de Montréal

Ville de Montréal

The Bureau du Mont-Royal
The Bureau du Mont-Royal was set up in 2004 to ensure the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal. Its mandate is to coordinate the municipal actors concerned by the Mount Royal Historic and Natural District with the Québec government’s department of culture, communications and status of women. The bureau is specifically responsible for the preparation of the Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan and support to the Table de concertation du Mont-Royal.

The Large Park Management Division
The Large Park Management Division (Direction des grands parcs et de la nature en ville (DGPNV)) has the mission of providing citizens of Greater Montréal with access to nature in the city through the development of a network of large parks, preservation of natural spaces and riparian areas and the preparation and implementation of green urban development strategies.

Cultural development, environmental quality and ethno-cultural diversity services
Mount Royal has a unique and varied artistic heritage. The allegorical paintings in the Chalet, the sculptures from the Symposium international de Montréal (SISM, 1964) and commemorative monuments provide an original way to discover Montréal’s history.