Mont Royal, A Territory to Discover

Mont Royal, A Territory to Discover

To surprise the visitor in an exceptional setting, this is the approach that served Les amis de la montagne as the basis for the development of the exhibition project. As such, the exhibition inhabits many spaces in Smith House – café, hallways, rooms, basement – beckoning visitors, regardless of age and the original reason for their visit. By its integration in the rooms of this historic house and the diversity of its content, the exhibition contributes to the convivial atmosphere of the welcome and information centre and other services in the house. The exhibition is designed to pique the visitor’s curiosity and elicit the desire to discover the mountain’s diverse heritage attractions. Above all, the exhibition is an invitation to experience the territory first-hand and ultimately, contribute to its conservation and its perpetuity.


Smith House – An exceptional dwelling
Immediately upon entering Smith House, the visitor is charmed by the warmth of the atmosphere, where its history is recounted on its very walls.

Discovery Room – The mountain’s heritage riches
Fauna, flora, history, conservation, archaeology: Through photos, detailed texts, interactive terminals and a giant touch-screen map, visitors are invited to discover the territory of Mount Royal and especially, to journey outdoors.

Dining room – The mountain as literary and artistic muse
This room, an extension of the Discovery Room, proposes numerous works dedicated to Mount Royal, available for consultation, and extracts from novels that make reference to the mountain. On its walls, a series of hand-painted illustrations retraces the history of Mount Royal with humour.

Café des Amis – Respite in the heart of the park
Bathed in a friendly ambiance, the winning photographs of the contest, “La montagne en images” are exhibited on the walls of the Café des Amis.

Basement – Mount Royal of yesteryear
The descent to the basement of Smith House is a voyage underground and back in time. The exhibition is intricately installed on the giant rock formation crafted by the glaciers, and recounts the geological and human history of the mountain.

Second floor – Spaces for meetings and cultural displays
Two rooms are equipped to welcome groups, present temporary exhibits, host conferences, events and projections. Currently on display, a series of works of art inspired by Mont Royal.

Welcome centre and nature boutique – Departure point for discovery
Smith House is the official welcome centre of Mount Royal Park. Les amis de la montagne welcomes visitors year-round and provides information to guide you on your walks. The nature boutique offers all the necessary equipment to take full advantage of the park and its activities, as well as the encompassing mountain territory, such as books, guides, maps, even mittens and toques!