2010 AQPERE conference


Does nature have a role in education? Towards a pedagogy inclusive of biodiversity!

As founding partners of the Association québécoise pour la promotion de l’éducation relative à l’environnement (AQPERE), Les amis de la montagne are participating in the association’s annual conference being held November 4-6 that gathers local specialists in this important domain. Organized in collaboration with the Fondation Monique Fitz-Back and the Établissements Verts Bruntland, and during this International Year of Biodiversity, the conference will allow teachers, trainers and educators to reflect collectively on the relationship between nature and humans, and question the role that biodiversity education plays in this relationship.

Having worked with young people from the greater Montreal area for the last 30 years, Les amis de la montagne currently welcome more than 7,000 students annually to the mountain for an immersive activity in nature. Éric Richard, director of educational services at Les amis, will facilitate a round-table at the conference entitled, “Vivre la nature en ville au mont Royal; une école sans mur dans une vraie nature.” Artist Samuel Montigné, an environmental educator with Les amis, will lead a guided Land-Art workshop, inviting participants to briefly leave the conference meeting rooms to spend some time in nature, creating works of art inspired by these natural surroundings.

Together with Quebec’s environmental education stakeholders, Les amis de la montagne invite the public to commit to bringing young people closer to nature. Studies have shown that in the last 30 years, children have been playing outdoors less and less and have therefore, deprived themselves of essential contact with nature. This withdrawal from the outdoors has had negative consequences on their physical and mental well-being, a social cost to our entire community.

Whether you are a representative of an organization, a member of the teaching profession, decision-maker, parent or sympathiser, you are invited to subscribe to this “call to commitment” by clicking on this link. Your support will be announced during the AQPERE conference. Thank you for circulating this “call to commitment” to your business network, friends and family.