A big thank-you to the volunteers of the 2010 Environmental Stewardship Program


In this International Year of Biodiversity, members of the Montreal community demonstrated a remarkable collective effort by participating in record numbers in tree planting and invasive species cutting on Mount Royal!

Rain or shine, 1,118 volunteers proved their attachment to the mountain by contributing directly to the maintenance of its biodiversity. In addition to increasing the biomass, the combined activities of cutting invasive species followed by planting indigenous species promoted the dispersal and migration of fauna and flora over the entire territory.

From May to October, 2010, 2,550 indigenous trees and shrubs were planted, including Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Rum Cherry and Cranberry-tree; 1,783 trees planted over the last several years were evaluated for their growth and survival rate; a control study of exotic invasive species was conducted through the cutting of 1,1315kg (23,622 stalks) of Common Buckthorn and 7,74kg (887 stalks) of Norway Maple. These actions were conducted in the Beaver Lake area to consolidate the ecological corridor linking the forest of Mount Royal Park to the hill of Westmount; the border of the western section of the new ring road; the Mount Royal Park summit near the telecommunications tower; and a new parcel of land for research in the Piedmont area.

We extend our warmest thanks to the many enthusiastic and committed volunteers who contributed with gusto to the success of the program. Thank-you to the 139 participants who rolled-up their sleeves on Tuesday evenings in May, June and July and Saturday mornings in August, September and October; to those who participated as groups, such as students from École St-Germain d’Outremont and the Projet de restauration et de valorisation de la biodiversité en milieu urbain; Groupe Transat, Palais des Congrès, ICCA, GSK and Manulife Financial. Thanks to our partnership with Evergreen, we received young people from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots’ Youth Action Workshop and corporate groups, including Fido, Diageo and Starbucks. Finally, a great thank-you to all the individuals who participated in the activities held as part of the Corvée du Mont-Royal and TD Green Sunday.

To celebrate the closure of the 2010 stewardship program season, volunteers were invited to a lunch at Smith House on October 16th along with Les amis’ conservation team, followed by a Land-Art guided walk and workshop with artist Samuel Montigné, an environmental educator with Les amis. Participants enjoyed the pleasant fall weather on Mount Royal to create ephemeral works of art in nature.