Temporary draining of Beaver Lake in Mount Royal Park


Beaver Lake in Mount Royal Park has been drained temporarily, but will be refilled again in December. Activities in the area will continue as usual and the pathway encircling the lake will remain accessible.

Built in 1938, Beaver Lake is showing signs of deterioration. The draining operation is necessary in order to evaluate, with as much precision as possible, the actual state of the masonry and the foundations of the surrounding wall. The masonry of the supporting wall has come to the end of its actual lifespan, there is a proliferation of undesirable plant life and activities, such as skating in winter and pedal-boating in summer, have become difficult to practice as a result.

Beaver Lake is not, in fact, a natural lake, but a basin of water built entirely by hand as a make-work project in 1938. The lake has never benefitted from restoration work and this current analysis is therefore, necessary in light of its eventual restoration.

Source: Ville de Montréal, Réseau des grands parcs