To understand the history and traditions of a local community, visit its cemeteries!


Analysis published by the Réseau de veille en tourisme

Cemeteries are a religious and socio-cultural heritage to be preserved and promoted. Such is the conclusion of an analysis published October 20th last by the Réseau de veille en tourisme, Quebec’s reference in international tourism trends.

According to the analysis, these necropolises, witnesses of cultural heritage and identity, are modernizing, diversifying and innovating to welcome all variety of visitors. New developments, historic interpretation and technological adaptations are projects being undertaken by cemeteries around the world.

Photo: F.-N. Étienne

Mount Royal is the site of four cemeteries, including Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, the most important Catholic cemetery in Quebec and in Canada with close to 900,000 buried persons.

To learn more about the cemeteries on Mount Royal, travel over Les amis de la montagne’s interactive map to discover slide shows, audio-video clips, information files and partner sites on line.