Cécile Grenier is named Governor Emeritus of Les amis de la montagne


As part of the 26th Annual General Meeting

Les amis de la montagne proudly named Cécile Grenier Governor Emeritus of the corporation during the 26th Annual General Meeting held at Maison Smith on September 25, in the presence of Governors and partners of the organization.
Cécile Grenier has a long history of commitment to the cause of Montreal's heritage since the major battles of the 1970’s. Involved as an activist for a number of years with Sauvons Montréal, Cécile Grenier acted as President and organizer of the juries of the Prix Oranges et Citron.
A political scientist, linguist and translator, Cécile Grenier has published numerous articles throughout her career, was Editor-in-Chief of the periodical SOS Montréal by Sauvons Montréal, and co-authored the guide Explorer Montréal with Joshua Wolfe, published by Libre Expression in 1982.
She made significant contributions to the preservation of Mont Royal, and to the creation of Les amis de la montagne, including:
  • Participation in the request for the classification of Mont Royal filed with Héritage Montréal for the protection of the view from Avenue McGill College towards Mount Royal (1984);
  • Discovery of the Ville de Montréal’s intention to build a tower on Mont Royal with the SNC group in 1985 (project discovered through research for an article on the Mount Royal Park with Dinu Bumbaru);
  • Participation in consultations conducted by the Ville de Montréal for the creation of the Mont Royal heritage site (as a member of the Comité consultatif de Montréal on the protection of cultural property which then helped manage the status of this heritage site).
For her contribution to the advancement of heritage and of quality urban development, she has been honoured with the Prix d’excellence de l’Opération Patrimoine architectural de Montréal and the Prix d’excellence de la Fondation Héritage Canada.


Left to right: Susan Scott Evans, Governor, Sylvie Guilbault, Executive Director, Peter A. Howlett, C.M., Founding President, Cécile Grenier, Governor Emeritus, Gerald Hogan, Governor, Dinu Bumbaru, Governor