Governors of Les amis de la montagne honoured


Nathalie Zinger becomes a Member of the prestigious Cercle des Phénix and Ron Rayside is awarded the Prix Thérèse-Daviau given to Montreal's citizen of the year

Les amis de la montagne congratulate Governors Nathalie Zinger and Ron Rayside for honours received this fall in their respective fields of expertise.

Nathalie Zinger, Quebec Regional Vice President of Nature Conservancy of Canada was entered as a member of the prestigious Cercle des Phenix 2013 for her 30-year contribution to the conservation of Quebec's natural environment. Click here to view the video produced by Linda Malo.

Ron Rayside, architect and founder of the firm Rayside Labossière, was named citizen of the year by the Ville de Montréal and received the Prix Thérèse-Daviau 2013. A committed professional for over 30 years, he has oriented his practice towards social and sustainable architecture essentially in the boroughs of Montreal’s central area.

Photo: Michael Vesia