Les amis de la montagne and École Saint-Germain-d’Outremont sow seeds and plant trees on Mount Royal!


As part of the "Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal" program


Montreal, May 15, 2013
– As part of the “Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal” program, Éric Rivard, principal of École Saint-Germain-d’Outremont and Sylvie Guilbault, executive director of Les amis de la montagne, welcomed students from the fourth and sixth grades and their parents at the new Parc du Troisième Sommet on the northern flank of Mount Royal to plant 200 indigenous trees and shrubs on May 14th.

The purpose of this tree planting activity is to densify the forest underbrush and ensure the maintenance of the biodiversity in a sector of the mountain disturbed by the construction of the Mount Royal ring road. The tree species included Sugar Maple, Red Oak and Rum Cherry.




Photos: Samuel Montigné

The École Saint-Germain-d’Outremont have participated in educational programs on the mountain with Les amis de la montagne since 2007, in order to allow all students of this elementary school to discover the heritage assets of the Mount Royal historic and natural district. Through a variety of educational outings and workshops held in the classrooms of kindergarten to sixth grade students, the partners hope to instill the children with a sense of ownership of the mountain, located within reach of the school.

“Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal” is a fledgling conservation initiative to raise awareness among our youth about the importance of trees in an urban setting. The program is organized by Les amis de la montagne in partnership with the Société de verdissement du Montréal métropolitain (Soverdi).

During a visit to Mount Royal last fall, students discovered the mountain’s biodiversity by identifying and collecting seeds from indigenous trees. In class, they planted the seeds and became familiar with the lifecycle of the tree, its role in the ecosystem and its ecological contribution to the forest through the use of an educational kit developed by Les amis de la montagne.

Students then took care of the seedlings and plants until May this year, when they were returned to the Soverdi tree nursery located on the Université de Montréal campus, to eventually be replanted either in a schoolyard or on Mount Royal.

The “Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal” program is organized by Les amis de la montagne in collaboration with Soverdi, the Université de Montréal and the Ville de Montréal, thanks to the financial support of Resolute Forest Products and Fondation Yves Rocher.