Restoration of the main gates of Mount Royal Cemetery


The Mount-Royal Cemetery is restoring its heritage and promoting it through various activities

Restoration of the main gates of Mount Royal Cemetery

A major project is currently taking place at Mount Royal Cemetery as the stone gates located at the main entrance on Chemin de la Forêt, in the Outremont Borough are being completely restored.

The gates were built in 1862 in the Early English style of architecture and quickly became the major landmark of the property complete with a beautiful climbing hydrangea that  covered it with blossoms. Over time, the stone structure moved, creating a loss of symmetry and unequal load transfers, and eventually superseded the stone’s bearing capacity, which then broke.

Moreover, the impressive growth of the parasitic hydrangeas, with roots embedded within the stonework, led to a progressive hollowing out of the structure causing a weakening of the stone apparel, and physical displacements of some components, like the West wall, the glacis, small columns, pinnacles and many stone fragments.

The presence of hydrangeas with peat moss almost a foot in height also added weight to the masonry and vegetal residues found their way in the wall along with insects attracted by the moisture. The initial integrity was gradually dissolved and gravity kept it together.

After considering the possible options of restoration, the only adequate and thorough approach required a careful dismantling and rebuilding of the entire structure. The dismantling and rebuilding of the gates entail structural re-enforcement, anchoring and other relevant interventions including stone replacement.

The dismantling phase is now completed and the rebuilding phase is now underway. The project, under the supervision of Étude Louis Brillant, architect, and conducted by the restoration expert and contractor Den-pro Inc. will be finished around mid-October.

Source: Mount Royal Cemetery

Discover the natural and historical heritage of Mount Royal Cemetery

A National Historic Site, Mount Royal Cemetery was founded in 1852 on the site of ancient agricultural properties and is one of the first rural cemeteries in North America. Developed in respect of the topography and natural environment, it covers 66 hectares on the North side of Mount Royal, is visited by more than 145 bird species and hosts an exceptional arboretum through the monuments.

Mount Royal Cemetery offers various conferences and guided visits about historical figures, trees and birds, as well as outdoor concerts and plays.

New this year is a free mobile application designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to discover its heritage with an interactive map including 70 points of interest to visit. Download the “Mount Royal Cemetery Geoguide" application from the App Store and visit the cemetery’s website for the calendar of activities: