Review of the annual general assembly


Les amis de la montagne welcome new governors on its council and Mr. Clément Demers as member of the Board of directors

Review of the annual general assembly

Les amis de la montagne to welcome new governors on its council and Mr. Clément Demers as member of the Board of directors

2013-2014 has been a year of transition for Mount Royal and Les amis de la montagne, as municipal and provincial elections have resulted in new administration at both levels. We remain optimistic that these developments herald positive change for Mount Royal and will give rise to a renewed call to action for the most pressing priorities regarding protection, which were identified during the 2012 Mount Royal Summit, namely a new purpose for the surplus hospital buildings on the mountain.

Several days after the Summit, Les amis de la montagne responded very positively to the Quebec government’s announcement that it was establishing an inter-ministerial committee to study the reuse of the CHUM and MUHC surplus hospital buildings on Mount Royal. The committee mandated a group of experts to consult directly with mountain stakeholders and to provide recommendations. Thankfully, following the election in April 2014, the new Quebec government upheld the process and the recommendations were made public in July 2014. While the dossier is clearly moving forward, the work that must be done to prevent the abandonment of the hospital buildings represents a task that is both colossal and urgent. For Les amis de la montagne, this issue remains a priority.

We cannot sum up the year’s events without underlining the undeniable heritage of Marcel Côté, a great Montrealer and a man of action and remarkable generosity. Les amis de la montagne has had the good fortune to benefit from his expertise and dedication to the cause for a number of years, during which he occupied the positions of governor, board member, and chair of the strategic planning committee.

Under his leadership, our strategic planning exercise was completed, with Mount Royal Park’s 140th anniversary in 2016 and Montreal’s 375th anniversary in 2017 as our milestones for the future. In turn, these special anniversaries provide us with opportunities to celebrate the history of Mount Royal Park, to ensure that Montrealers continue to treasure it for generations and that it remains it a model among urban parks worldwide.

To conclude, we wish to thank both the Ville de Montréal, for the trust and special relationship it shares with Les amis de la montagne, and our many partners, who have chosen to join us in the rewarding adventure of protecting and enhancing Mount Royal Park.

Our sincere thanks to the entire staff of Les amis, and in particular to Gabrielle Korn, who, having held the position of director of communications with brio and dedication for over 12 years, has decided to pursue new challenges. We would also like to express our gratitude to the members of the board of directors, donors, governors and volunteers for their generous and unceasing support.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Clément Demers, Executive Director of Quartier International de Montréal, for his appointment as member of our Board of directors. We would also like to thank our new Governors: Philip Belec, Jacques Bellefeuille, Hélène Bellefeuille, Caroline Biron, Suzanne Fortier, Julie Godin, Louise Roy and Alan Shepard. Together, we demonstrate that Les amis de la montagne mobilize the driving forces of Montreal.

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