The conversion of institutional properties on Mount Royal: an urgent issue of great importance to Montréal


The Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal held an election debate last March 24 on issues related to the environment, transportation and the development of Montréal at the Maison de développement durable. These issues have been dramatically absent from the debate so far.

Les amis de la montagne took advantage of this platform to reiterate that the conversion of institutional properties on the flanks of the mountain is an urgent and worrying issue for Montreal. The Royal Victoria Hospital alone will free up 1 million square feet of space about 24 months from now. As the hospitals vacate their premised on the mountain, citizens are concerned that the buildings will become abandoned and deteriorate.

Considering that the government helped preserve Mount Royal by declaring it an Arrondissement historique et naturel, it must now play an active and exemplary role in helping to find viable solutions to the conversion of large institutional properties on the mountain.

The current situation concerning institutions circling the mountain is an opportunity to review mechanisms of management and coordination and provide more coherent planning and action. The next government must recognize:

  • the urgency of acting on the conversion of institutional properties, 
  • participating in finding viable long-term solutions in a transparent and participatory process.

Mount Royal is a symbol and should serve as an example for all of Quebec. It must be accorded attention, recognition, expertise and the funding necessary for development of such an important site for both Montreal and Quebec.

Read the summary of the debate organized by the CRE-Montréal on issues concerning the environment, transportation and development.

Photo: Ville de Montréal. Royal Victoria Hospital.