The project Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal


The project Semences d’avenir pour le mont Royal, led by Les amis de la montagne in partnership with the Société de verdissement du Montréal métropolitain (SOVERDI),offers primary school students, an integrative project for greening the urban environment throughout a school year, particularly on the grounds of educational institutions (universities, schools, CPE) and on Mount Royal. Ten to 15% of the trees will be planted on Mount Royal in coming years.

The Semences d’avenir project, begun in 2011, aims to promote contact with nature among young Montrealers by having them discover the life cycle of trees and their role in the ecosystem, with the goal of producing 100 young trees for each participating class. In total, 2,334 plants of seven native species were seeded and are growing, of which 1,599 are red oak and 400 are white pine.

Experimentation and observation over the seasons

In the autumn, students harvested tree seeds in the grassed areas of Mount Royal Park. The germination of seeds was then carried out by the Amis de la montagne team.

This winter, students started sowing and taking care of seedlings until May and then transferred them to the SOVERDI tree nursery. In total, 1,500 seeds were planted in classes, including sugar maple, red oak, hickory, honey locust, Kentucky coffee tree and black willow.

This spring, students will visit the tree nursery and explore Mount Royal accompanied by Amis de la montagne educators to discover biodiversity and observe trees in flower.

This year, the project was carried out by 12 classes from six schools, thanks to the support of committed teachers:

École Charles-Lemoyne
Chantal Boily (1st and 2nd grade)
Hélène Beaudin (kindergradren)
Hélène Pilote (kindergarden)

École Évangéline
Lina Sarraf et Guylaine Ducharme (Acceuil highschool)

École La Mennais
Benita Kanozayire (3rd and 4th grade)
Claire Laplante (3rd and 4th grade)

École Lanaudière
Louis Laroche (5th grade)

École Notre-Dame des-Neiges
Geneviève Gareau (5th grade)
Patrice De Serres (6th grade)

École du Petit-Chapiteau
Claire Toulotte (4th grade)
Mélanie Ouellet et Daphnée Desrosiers (4th grade)
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