Urban Bioblitz 2013: two days dedicated to the discovery of Mount Royal’s biodiversity


Numerous scientists, 400 students and more than 350 citizens gathered at the Parc du Troisième Sommet and the grounds of the Université de Montréal campus on the northern summit of Mount Royal on October 4 and 5, for a variety of activities that included an inventory of the site’s biodiversity.

Les amis de la montagne coordinated this activity aimed at evaluating the ecological value of the natural areas of the northern summit of Mount Royal and to characterise the evolution and progression of the biodiversity over time.

Notable discoveries by the urban explorers included 38 species of birds spotted in forested areas, 26 species of birds seen at the summit and two Eastern Screech owls heard during the night time walk. In addition, 20 species of trees were identified, as well as some 20 species of mushrooms, 28 species of insects and one amphibian, the Eastern red-backed salamander.

The northern summit was the subject of Les amis de la montagne’s public forum at Maison Smith on September 3, where landscape architects of the Ville de Montréal presented the Mount Royal ring road that will form a 12km loop around the mountain . An important component of the Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan, the ring road will enhance the biodiversity and the quality of the mountain’s landscapes by linking its various points of interest.

The Bioblitz is an initiative of the Forum jeunesse de l’île de Montréal, created in collaboration with the CRÉ de Montréal and L’île du savoir in partnership with Les amis de la montagne. This project benefits from the financial support of the Ministère des ressources naturellesand the Ville de Montréal.

You may read the presentation of the Mount Royal ring road on the Ville de Montréal website.