"Montréal | Projet 8 secondes" : A Benefit Exhibition in Support of Les amis de la montagne


Les Amis de la montagne and Helen and Jacques Bellefeuille cordially invite you to visit an exhibition of recent works by artist Nicolas Ruel.


I  N  V  I  T  A  T  I  O  N

Montréal | Projet 8 secondes

Galerie de Bellefeuille 2
1366 Greene Avenue (corner Sherbrooke West)

For our natural environment to flourish, a society must share the responsibility of its preservation. Frederick Law Olmsted, the visionary designer of Mount Royal Park lived and worked by this principle.

Since its founding in 1986, Les amis de la montagne has championed the conservation and enhancement of Mount Royal, with exceptional results. Nonetheless, upholding the Olmstedian ideal for the preservation and respectful enjoyment of nature in the heart of our city remains a constant challenge.

Internationally-acclaimed Montreal artist Nicolas Ruel has been travelling the world since 2007, pursuing his unique 8 seconds project in some of the great cities of our time. With his camera, using eight-second long exposures, he transfigures urban spaces, turning each photograph into a vignette of key moments. Ruel’s distinctive approach involves a careful selection of imagery and printing each work on stainless steel. The steel surface glistens under the printed image, creating subtle nuances between reality and artistic vision. Each image teases our mind and captures our passion in the same glance.

Nicolas Ruel dedicated the final chapter of his unique project to his home city, creating works that are a testament to the mastery of his art and to his deep affection for Montreal.

When Galerie de Bellefeuille conceived their special benefit event for Les amis de la montagne, Nicolas Ruel immediately came to mind as their artist of choice. The last series in his 8 seconds project seemed predestined to celebrate the inseparable whole that Montreal and its mountain form and that Les amis de la montagne seeks to safeguard.

Graciously hosted by Galerie de Bellefeuille, the special benefit exhibition entitled Montréal | Projet 8 secondes showcases selected works from Nicolas Ruel’s Montreal and Mount-Royal series. On view in Helen and Jacques Bellefeuille’s newly expanded gallery spaces, the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue featuring a broader selection of works drawn from the series that capture the richness and beauty found in the city and its mountain.

The proceeds of the sales of the works illustrated in this catalogue will be donated to Les amis de la montagne in support of their continued stewardship of Mount Royal, Montreal’s natural masterpiece, which requires our collective dedication and investment.

The exhibition is on view until July 7, 2015.

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