Reconnect with the Mountain During May 2015 : Mount Royal Month


Celebrating Spring on Mount Royal!

Hosted for the 11th consecutive year, May: Mount Royal Month is a vibrant celebration of the mountain. It is a unique opportunity for members of the public to reconnect with the wonders of Mount Royal, to take part in its preservation and to renew their commitment to preserve this oasis of greenery located at the heart of Montreal.

Designed by Les amis de la montagne and presented in partnership with the Ville de Montréal, with the generous support of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, May 2015: Mount Royal Month unfolds under the theme of “Elevation”: a natural choice for celebrating the mountain in all its majesty.

A Full Programme of Events

Mount Royal Clean-Up – La Corvée du Mont-Royal – on Sunday, May 3: Montrealers are invited to take part in the 24th edition of this springtime tradition and make an active contribution to the maintenance and embellishment of their mountain.


Musical Sundays at the Mount Royal Chalet, starting May 3: Upholding the musical tradition of our beautiful Chalet overlooking the city, this free concert series is supported by TD Bank Group and features concerts by young musicians trained for the most part in institutions established on Mount Royal. After each concert, members of the public are invited to take part in a brief guided tour of the Mount Royal Chalet with Les amis de la montagne.


Guided walking tours and tree planting activities: A range of guided treks and walks will delight history and geology buffs, and lovers of the flora and beauties of Mount Royal. As well, an introduction to recent tree planting activities on the northern slope of Mount Royal will be a chance for ecology enthusiasts to find out more about an innovative forest stewardship concept and roll up their sleeves to do a little digging themselves.


Outdoor art workshops: Celebrate the David Suzuki Foundation’s Days of Nature with a discovery tour of Mount Royal’s remarkable trees, followed by a drawing and watercolour workshop, or take part in an art-nature day with Montreal Urban Sketchers… Embrace your creativity during these free workshops designed for the all to enjoy! 


Chromatic Festival, from May 22 to 26: This year again, Mount Royal Month celebrations include the Chromatic Festival. During the event, the Kondiaronk scenic lookout – one of the most beautiful places from which to behold the city – will be the hub of a flourish of visual arts, music and performing arts events. Chromatic’s bold programming includes a night show, a Piknik Electronik, an amazing open-air cinema, and, for the whole family, a unique art day featuring creative and educational workshops followed by a special family cine-club evening.


Exhibitions and photo contest: Smith House will host an art exhibition entitled Draw Me a Mountain! which brings together some fifty drawings and watercolours. As well, the permanent exhibition of Les Amis de la montagne entitled Mount Royal, A Territory to Discover, is an opportunity to learn about Mount Royal’s fauna and flora, and environmental conservation issues affecting the mountain. Admission is free. As well, an annual photo contest La montagne en images will be launched on the website of Les amis de la montagne in mid-May, with winning photos revealing the wonders of Mount Royal from inspired new angles on view at Smith House later in the season.


Les amis de la montagne encourages members of the public to take advantage of May to discover partner institutions established on Mount Royal and nearby – museums, universities, religious institutions, hospitals, cemeteries and other organisations who contribute in their own way to the richness and diversity of the mountain. For more information on their special May programming, see pamphlet described below.

The May 2015: Mount Royal Month pamphlet (in French) is available at the information counter at Les amis de la montagne, in Smith House, located in the Mount Royal Park, at 1260 Remembrance Road. It is also available in PDF format.

Developed by Les amis de la montagne,Mount Royal Month is organized jointly with the Ville de Montréal and with the collaboration of partner
institutions located on and around Mount Royal. Les amis de la montagne wish to acknowledge the longstanding support of the
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to May Mount Royal Month. The event is also
supported by the STM (Silver Partner); Fontaine Santé (Bronze partner); and La Presse+,
CHOM and CJAD (Medias partners).