Access to Mount Royal Park : Details on Forthcoming Changes


Whether you are a frequent Mount Royal Park user or planning a special visit in the next few weeks, you can now enjoy the new STM Express shuttle bus that takes you straight to the mountain on weekends! As well, be advised of the work that will soon be carried out on the staircase leading to the Kondiaronk Lookout and the Mount Royal Chalet.

Temporary Closure of the Main Staircase Leading to the Mount Royal Chalet

An important landscaping and development project in Mount Royal Park will start in September. Designed by City of Montréal landscape architects, the project aims to beautify the Mount Royal Chalet sector of the park and to improve access to the area as well as to the mountain’s summit. Work will also serve to enhance the views as well as the natural and built heritage of the site, and to support the mountain’s biodiversity.

The first phase of the project will begin in September and end in winter 2016-17. It involves the completion of the footpath linking the park’s main staircase to the Kondiaronk lookout and the Chalet. Both visitor experience and security will be improved, the existing unfinished path being exceedingly slippery over the winter months. This project conforms to best practices in the management of natural environments. It will improve the circulation of small animals – reptiles, small mammals, amphibians – under bridges, and counter the spread of exotic invasive plants by replacing them with native plant species, in addition to managing surface water to control the erosion.

Les amis de la montagne will provide support to the City of Montréal by running an on-site awareness-building campaign to let park users know more about the work being done, and the importance of respecting temporary measures required of visitors while the project is underway. Alternative walking paths to reach the summit and the Kondiaronk lookout will also be proposed and interpretive and informational signs will be installed to give the right directions.

Les amis de la montagne entreats you to do your part in protecting the mountain while this project is underway: stick to indicated alternative routes, stay on the walking paths and keep your dog on a leash. Thank you.

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Photo credits : Ville de Montréal

A New Express Shuttle Bus to the Mountain

The STM (Société de transport de Montréal) is now running a new Express Shuttle Bus which takes visitors directly to the mountain from the Mont-Royal Metro Station on weekends when the weather is good. Saturdays and Sundays until September 4, in addition to the regular 11-Parc-du-Mont-Royal/Ridgewood bus service, the 11-Navette-montagne shuttle provides access to different Mount Royal Park points of interest via the five following stops:

·         Jeanne-Mance Park (Mont-Royal/Côte-Sainte-Catherine)

·         Camillien-Houde lookout

·         Path to the Mount Royal Chalet

·         SPVM Cavalry

·         Beaver Lake

This shuttle runs from 11:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday when the weather is good (cancelled in case of rain). To get more information, visit the STM website.

Photo credits : Société de transport de Montréal