An Eco-friendly Race on Mount Royal this Summer


On July 3rd, the 100% eco-friendly race Changer le monde avec Équiterre will take place on the mountain. 

Because Mount Royal enjoys a Quebec Heritage Site status, Équiterre is committed to holding this benefit event in full compliance with to the regulations and values of the site. In addition to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the race with Planetair, Équiterre will minimize the production of waste materials by not distributing any water bottles, nor awarding medals or trophys and by using reusable chips and jerseys. Moreover, the race’s running routes have been carefully selected in order not to disturb or harm the mountain’s fauna and flora.

Les amis de la montagne’s conservation patrol will be onsite to build public awareness of Mount Royal’s environmental issues and the vulnerability of its environment. In exchange for the advisory role held by Les amis de la montagne in planning this event, Équiterre will donate a portion of the proceeds of the race to Les amis in support of its environmental stewardship and conservation activities.

Remember that holding such events in Mount Royal Park requires prior authorization from the City of Montreal.

For further information about the race, visit Équiterre’s website.