Annie Drouin, Volunteer of the Year!


Every year, Les amis de la montagne benefit from the help of hundreds of volunteers involved in different projects regarding Mount Royal’s protection and enhancement, and contributing in their own way to Les amis’ mission.

Among them, Les amis de la montagne can count on the remarkable engagement of Annie Drouin, 41 year-old, an emergency calls dispatcher for the Canadian National Railway company. Despite her busy schedule, Annie always makes time for volunteer work and values to give back to causes that are close to her heart.

Committed and involved for more than 10 years

Annie began volunteering in Montreal 12 years ago. Throughout the years, she got involved with Les amis de la montagne in almost every possible way : she has volunteered many times for the Mount Royal Clean-Up and the Tuques Bleues Celebration, joined the conservation patrol in Mount-Royal Park, participated in conservation activities with the Environmental Stewardship Programme, which includes planting trees and shrubs, maintenance and tree growth monitoring.

“I love nature. I feel privileged to live so close to Mount Royal... to have such a great piece of nature not too far away! This is what drives me to keep on volunteering to protect the mountain. When I found out Les amis de la montagne were looking for volunteers, I jumped at it. If I can give a hand to protect the mountain, I’m in!”

Les amis de la montagne has recently granted her with the Prix de bénévolat Manuvie 2016, awarded each year on the Tuques Bleues Celebration, to a volunteer who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment for Mount Royal.

In addition to her ongoing commitment to Les amis de la montagne, Annie gives a few hours every week to YMCA and is also involved in different causes.

“To me, it’s very important to give back to those who need it. I really like the projects that I’m getting involved into, so it becomes easy to find some time to fit them in my schedule”.

Receiving more than what you give

Annie agrees on the importance of giving back, but also recognizes the benefits she gets from these activities, which represent valuable and meaningful human experiences for her.

“Most of the people I volunteer with are very altruistic. Even though it can seem a bit cliché, by volunteering, you often end up receiving more than what you actually give”.

“I know almost everybody now at Les amis de la montagne. It’s pretty much like a second family. By volunteering for all of these activities, I know I will get to see people I like and that I haven’t seen in a while”.

What would be Annie’s advice to someone who would like to start volunteering?

“You should always start by getting involved in something you love... for a cause that is very close to your heart!”

Mount Royal is close to your heart and you would like to get involved with Les amis de la montagne?

We are constantly looking for volunteers for different activities, such as ensuring logistical support to our events or participate in our conservation activities. For more information, click here.

Photo : François-Olivier Thibault / Manuvie