CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS: The State of Beaver Lake Raises Questions


Montreal, June 3 2016 – Les amis de la montagne shares the concerns of Mount Royal Park visitors about the recent death of large numbers of fish in Beaver Lake, the quality of the water and the odours emerging from the lake. The following is an update on the situation. 

Firstly, the City has reported that Beaver Lake was not designed as an environment for aquatic wildlife and that the recent restoration work did not provide for making it a basin for fish to live and thrive in. It is believed that the goldfish seen in the lake, where they are breeding quickly, have been brought there by private citizens. According to the City, the lack of oxygen, large amount of suspended sediment in the water and lack of food are factors that may have contributed to their death in the past days. The City’s park maintenance team has been removing dead fish on a daily basis.

The situation remains alarming and Les amis de la montagne is expecting the City to provided it with complete and detailed information about the state of Beaver Lake and the actions to be undertaken to address the issues. Les amis will continue to monitor the situation closely, and its Conservation Patrol team will reinforce the importance of not throwing fish into the lake. It should be noted that feeding or abandoning an animal in Mount Royal Park is against park rules.