Les amis de la montagne Picks: Mount Royal’s Best Places For a Picnic


As summer comes to a close and fall is knocking on our door, Les amis de la montagne encourages you to enjoy the last days of warmth and sunny weather to come for a picnic on Mount Royal. 

Picked by members of our team, here are three top picks for the best picnic spots on the mountain! 

1.  Eric Richard, Director of Education and Conservation

The picnic area by the Beaver Lake, or the one on the hill overlooking the lake, are for me Mount Royal Park’s best spots to sit and enjoy a magnificent view, or to admire sunsets behind the Beaver Lake Pavilion.


2. Jean-Michel Villeneuve, Head of Public Programmes

I really like to have a picnic on the top hill by the shelter. It is a relatively unknown place where you can eat peacefullyTo get there, simply take the stairs from Olmsted Path, close to Smith House.

3. Théo Vallée, Intern, Conservation Programmes

The picnic area behind the Mount Royal Chalet
is surrounded by the forest and offers a quiet and intimate setting to meet up. You don’t need to go deeper into the woods, where you might walk on the fragile flora and be bitten by more mosquitoes!

Mount Royal Park map