Les amis de la montagne Picks: Mount Royal’s Best Paths for Running, Biking and Walking Pathways


Mount Royal has a whole network of paths just begging to be discovered. The staff at Les amis de la montagne share their secrets, inviting you to experience their favourite paths on the mountain! Here are their tops picks for walking, running and cycling!

1.    Mélissa Le Guerrier, Environmental Educator

I love the road to the Chemin de ceinture. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. The trees create a beautiful tunnel of vegetation in which you can hear the birds singing.

2.    Maria Nacher, School Programmes Officer

I love entering Mount Royal Park from the Cedar Street stairs which bring you directly into the forest. All of a sudden, you are surrounded by a great curtain of tall trees that provide cool shade. The bustle from the city quickly gives way to the sound of chirping birds. 

3.    Jean-Michel Villanove, Head of Public Programmes

Olmsted path, especially in the fall, is my choice. Olmsted’s architectural genius operates all along the ascent and gives you just the right challenge if you run all the way up!

4.    Isabelle Tassé, Head of Fundraising Events and the Annual Campaign

The Escarpment path is my very favourite, for its great views of the city and also because Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Mount Royal Park over 140 years ago, walked there himself. This path was part of his original plans of park.

5.    Samuel Montigné, Project Lead, Public Programmes

The way across the Mount Royal Cemetery is where I cycle every single day of the year, no matter what the weather is like. I always feel alive and happy to be on my own in this place where the passing of so many people is marked and lives are celebrated.  

The cemetery’s superb landscape changes with every season. In winter, it is all icy roads surrounded by white; spring rejoices in the sound of birdsongs and the slow-motion explosion of crab-apple flowers into bloom; summer is ablaze with sunshine and the smell of thyme reminiscent of the south of France; fall is a veritable fireworks of colour. It is also the place for encounters rare and precious such as with the true master of the mountain, the red fox.


Mount Royal Park map