Les amis de la montagne Picks: Trees to Discover in Mount Royal Park


Mount Royal Park is a habitat that holds a large variety of plant species. As a matter of fact, there are more than 60 species of trees on the mountain! Would you be able to recognize them? 

Les amis de la montagne reveals its favourite trees in the park so you can discover them for yourselves on your next visit!

1.    Mélissa Le Guerrier, Environmental Educator

I love the hackberry found in the bois d'Outremont. In French, this tree species is called the micocoulier, a name which I take pleasure in pronouncing because it has a nice ring to it. The tree’s distinctive bark is grey in colour and grainy in texture due to its irregular ridges. 


2.    Maria Nacher, School Programmes Officer

I particularly love the birch trees in Mount Royal Cemetery. These trees are extremely old and have a very large trunk.

3.    Marianne De La Sablonnière-Griffin, Environmental Educator

My favourite tree on the mountain is a poplar located on one of the bends of Olmsted Path at the foot of the mountain. It is so big and beautiful. Every time I come across this tree, I can’t help but feel a deep respect for it, for the long life it has led.

4.    Eric Richard, Director of Education and Conservation

My favourite tree is the king of conifers, the white pine, for its majestic quality and its impressive size once it reaches maturity. It symbolizes peace and holds a sacred meaning for the Iroquois nation. Formerly common on Mount Royal’s summit, especially in the XIXth century, its numbers dwindled over subsequent decades. Fortunately, a large number of white pines have been replanted in the recent years.

5.    Virginie Michaud, Conservation Patroller

I have two favourite trees on the mountain, an ironwood and a maple tree that grew so closely to each other that a part of each of their trunks has merged. I noticed them while working on a project to protect spring plants. As a biologist, I find such a fusion between two trees from different species unusual and fascinating!

Mount Royal Park map