Works of Art to be Discovered on Mount Royal


This spring, Les amis de la montagne team members invite you to experience the mountain differently by sharing their favourite spots and a few secrets! Here are Mount Royal’s works of art you shouldn’t miss:

1.   Give Peace a Chance

Emily Coffey, Day Camp Officer
“My favourite piece of art is Give Peace a Chance at the park’s Peel entrance. It blends into the landscape, hardly noticeable until you realize that under your feet, there is a call for peace engraved in stone, in 40 different languages. It is an ode to the diversity of our dear city, and a reminder that peace is always an option.”

Photo : Mark Cramer

2.   Les murales du pavillon du Lac-aux-Castors

Jean-Michel Villanove, Head of Public Programmes
“Claude Vermet’s metallic murals adorning Beaver Lake Pavilion: they make the structure shine and soak the site with its rich colours.”

Photo : Joanne Lévesque


3.   La montagne des jours

Samuel Montigné, Project Lead
“My favourite piece is La montagne des jours, from Gilbert Boyer: a series of five granite disks above ground, engraved with sentences and thoughts. I particularly like the least visible disk, The Summit, near CBC's Mount Royal antenna. These works of art are discreet, if not secret, and reveal themselves to the stroller unwittingly, surprising him in his path, somewhat as if he was discovering a treasure or an artefact.”

Marianne De La Sablonnière-Griffin, Educator
La montagne des jours : it’s discreet, but present. It’s a journey through people’s conversations, scattered around the mountain.”

Photo : Arianne Ouelette