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Mount Royal is the defining landmark of our city

Mount Royal is synonymous with quality of life. It is the icon of Montreal and a central meeting place for Montrealers. The mountain is where we retreat to relax and play, where we go to work, study and create memories that last a lifetime. Mount Royal is an urban ecosystem unique in North America, a refuge in the midst of the city.
Who is Les amis de la montagne?

Les amis de la montagne is a registered charitable organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing Mount Royal through community involvement and environmental education.

Why the need to raise awareness, friends and funds?

Les amis de la montagne is a vibrant organization that occupies an important place in our dynamic city. By mobilizing public opinion, Les amis is a pioneer in developing viable initiatives for the mountain’s long-term protection. The goal of the campaign is to raise $850,000 from private sources. These funds provide Les amis with the ability to have a lasting and measurable impact on the protection and enhancement of the mountain.


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