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Special donations

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Special donations

Making a tribute gift to Les amis de la montagne is one way to honour the accomplishments of friends or family, while contributing to the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal. Likewise, when a loved one passes away, a gift to Les amis de la montagne can be a touching memorial.

Tribute or memorial gifts can be acknowledged with a special card to the person you designate, if you so desire. Be sure to tell us who you are commemorating and the name and address of the person we should notify of your gift. Your gift amount will not be disclosed. Tax receipts will be issued for gifts of $35 or more or by request.

You can also make your donation by contacting Les amis de la montagne.
*Your official income tax receipt will be send by email. 
If you wish to receive it by mail, please contact us: sbezieau@lemontroyal.qc.ca | 514 843-8240, ext. 241

Special occasion giving

Make an online donation by selecting one of the following gift choices:

 Anniversary or Birthday
 In Honour of
 In Memoriam

Please select a tribute gift amount: (Minimum $35)

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Customize your message

My/our tribute or memorial donation is made in honour of : .

If you wish, you can provide a personal message for the card:

Maximum 50 words  

The card is to be sent from (name of person or family):  .

Note: For memorial gifts, you may wish to send a card notifying the next of kin of your gift. If so, please fill out this section of the form

Greeting :  Mr.     Mrs.
First Name :
Middle Initial :
Last Name :
Address :
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Postal Code :
The next of kin's relationship to the deceased is : .

Please enter your personal information :
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