Corvée mountain clean-up 2013: The community gathers to care for its mountain!

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Corvée mountain clean-up 2013


Montreal, May 5, 2013 – More than 800 Montrealers were greeted by Les amis de la montagne on an absolutely magnificent day as they participated in the 22nd edition of the Corvée du Mont-Royal mountain clean-up, under the theme, “Conserving the biodiversity of the mountain by greening and connectivity initiatives.”

The Corvée mountain clean-up was officially launched by our partners and dignitaries. Left to right: David Pinsonneault, président délégué, Direction du Québec, Groupe Banque TD, Pierre Choquette, Directeur principal, Affaires publiques – Canada, Produits forestiers Résolu, Josée Duplessis, membre du comité exécutif, responsable du développement durable, de l’environnement, des grands parcs et espaces verts, Christian Dubois, membre du comité exécutif, responsable de la sécurité publique et des services aux citoyens and Sylvie Guilbault, executive director, Les amis de la montagne. (Photo: Katriina O’Kane)

Since 1990, 13,300 individuals have participated in conservation activities aimed at consolidating Mount Royal’s ecological network, one of our most valuable natural spaces in the heart of the city.

The high-spirited participation of so many volunteers produced remarkable results:






Photos: Samuel Montigné, except of the tree planting, Delphine Delair

In addition to members of the general public, community, university and corporate groups joined the day’s activities: Resolute Forest Products, STM, Université de Montréal, SOVERDI, Écoquartier Peter-McGill, as well as many youth groups, including cadets, scouts, students from Lower Canada College, and about 100 young members of the C-Vert program from Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau.

Les amis de la montagne relied on the indispensable support of another 100 volunteers who took on logistical roles, such as team leaders, communications dispatchers and sector heads. A team of students from St. George’s High School helped coordinate the lunch distribution activities from the events’ headquarters, the Chalet du Mont-Royal, for a third consecutive year.

A number of organizations presented their innovative projects that aim to conserve urban biodiversity in order to inspire participants to pursue greening initiatives in their own back yards, thus perpetuating the ecological connectivity of the mountain to other green spaces on the island. The groups included the following:

On the lookout, musicians kept the festivities going throughout the sunny afternoon, featuring “Les étoiles du metro”, Bertrand, Mamadou & kanewaraba and Street Meat. AnimaNature also entertained families and passers-by with their display of live insects found in Quebec.

The Corvée du Mont-Royal launches “May 2013: Mount Royal Month”, organized in partnership by Les amis de la montagne and the Ville de Montréal, thanks to the generosity of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and Resolute Forest Products. The activities are also made possible thanks to the support of Silver partner, the STM; Bronze partners, Fontaine Santé and C4; Media partners, Rouge 107,3 FM, CJAD 800 AM and La Presse; and numerous Mount Royal institutions, collaborators and volunteers.

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