Invitation to Les amis' forum - September 22, 2010

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Guest: Patrick Asch, biologist and founding-president, Héritage Laurentien

Mount Royal: at the heart of the city’s green network

The idea of linking the city’s green spaces into a network is gaining momentum in Montreal. Green network, ecological corridor or green corridor have become commonly used expressions to describe projects either in progress or imagined, with the goal of preserving the green areas of the city and rendering them accessible to the population.

Mount Royal is located in the heart of this developing green corridor. The mountain’s three summits are already in the process of being more closely linked through an ecological network that the ring road, currently under construction, will render more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. To what degree can Mount Royal, surrounded as it is by the density of the urban fabric, be joined to this ambitious idea of an island-wide green network?

For more information, please contact François-Xavier Caron, coordinator of the public forum, at 514 843-8240, ext. 241.




Exhibit at Café Smith of the winning photos of the “La montagne en images” contest

Les amis de la montagne will exhibit the winning photos of the “La montagne en images” contest as of September 17 in the Café Smith, open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and until January 2011. A photo gallery will also be published on Les amis’ website.

The exhibit will feature winning photos from five categories: Nature and Biodiversity; Architecture; Art and the Mountain; People and the Mountain; and Light. All are welcome to the contest prize ceremony and vernissage:


“Montagne et Métamorphoses” photo exhibit – from September 17 to 19 and September 24 to 26

A photo exhibit of Mount Royal by two photographers/landscape architects, Danièle Routaboule and Jean Landry, in collaboration with Les amis de la montagne.

Danièle Routaboule presents “Métamorphoses”, a series of photographs and digital montages that depict the ephemeral quality of scenes observed along the embankments of lakes, particularly those of Beaver Lake. She demonstrates her attraction to nature and introduces the theme of movement as witness to her interest in the fleetingness of natural scenes.

Jean Landry presents “Montagne”, a photo-essay that attempts to capture strong moments in time through images often considered commonplace. An essay, therefore, without pretention that represents the timeless essence of otherwise familiar places.


“Holy Mountain!”: launch of the web-based documentary on Mount Royal

“Holy Mountain!” is an interactive documentary about Mount Royal directed by Hélène de Billy and Gilbert Duclos, produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The production team invites all mountain admirers to participate in the project by calling 1-877-55-SOUVENIR to leave a spoken memory or anecdote about the mountain on their answering machine. The messages will be integrated in the soundtrack of the website.

Everyone’s invited: the launch of “Holy Mountain!” will be held at the Chalet du Mont-Royal on Tuesday, September 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. On this occasion, participants will be able to rediscover their beloved mountain in a new light. Please RSVP by emailing Émilie Nguyen Ngoc.

Land Art on Mount Royal – September 25

As part of the Journées de la culture, Samuel Montigné, artist and environmental educator with Les amis de la montagne, will lead walks to rediscover the mountain and its many riches and to create personal works of art inspired by nature. Art materials supplied. Also included: free admission to the photo exhibits at Smith House.


Three Summits guided walking tour

This 12 km guided walk crosses all of Mount Royal and invites participants to discover its geography, observe the diversity of its natural and cultural elements and understand the related conservation issues. An exceptional outing that looks at the range of the neighbourhoods, the wealth of heritage assets and, especially, the beauty of the landscapes! Provided in French.

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