Invitation to the public forum: June 9 at 5:30 p.m.

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Mount Royal Park: guided walking tour of the new Peel Street entrance

Source: Extrait du plan du relevé d'arpentage de Genivar 2006-10-19 et du fichier 0225 Plan entrée Peel (10-28-05) de la Ville de Montréal


For a second year, the June public forum, the last before the summer hiatus, will focus on Mount Royal Park. This year, members of the community are invited to participate in a guided walking tour of the recently restored Peel Street entrance to the park, the main pedestrian entrance to the mountain from downtown. Join us to discover this remarkable site for its landscape and environmental characteristics and to learn more about the landscaping orientations that guided the work led by Daniel Chartier, landscape architect with the Ville de Montréal.

The visit will be preceded by a brief update on the projects realized by Les amis de la montagne and the Ville de Montréal over the course of the year in Mount Royal Park.

Click here for a summary report of management and restoration projects (in French).

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