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Les amis’ nature-boutique: gifts that give twice!

The holiday season is gift-giving season! Les amis de la montagne’s nature-boutique, located on the main floor of Smith House, features little treasures with something to please everyone interested in Mount Royal’s heritage assets: publications and original souvenirs, as well as variety of items on the mountain’s natural environment. Numerous articles also help your appreciation and discovery of the mountain, such as a kit for bird watching and guides on flora and fauna.

Revenues generated by the nature-boutique are reinvested in Les amis de la montagne’s services offered in Mount Royal Park, in order to promote the appreciation and conservation of this unique site in our urban midst. 

Selected items are available for purchase online via Les amis’ website, including our new “amis de la montagne” shoelaces – the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the children. 

Support the activities of Les amis de la montagne by offering gifts from our nature-boutique this season, gifts that give twice!

Photo: Linda Rutenberg


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