Mount Royal in the municipal elections: meetings with the mayoral candidates

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Les amis de la montagne have a long tradition of non-partisan participation in the political process. Our objective is to keep the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal at the top of political priorities to ensure that it received specific attention and actions that recognize the exceptional social, environmental and economic value of this heritage site located in the heart of our city.

With over 30 years’ experience and following the success of the 2013 Mount Royal Summit, Les amis de la montagne bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to discussions regarding the mountain’s protection challenges. In this context, members of the Board of Directors and management team of Les amis de la montagne met with the four main candidates for Mayor of Montreal at Smith House to talk about the priority challenges facing the mountain and to seek commitments from the candidates that respond most directly to these challenges.

Two issues in particular were the focal point of discussions: finding solutions for the reuse of institutional properties on the mountain and the creation of a better management model for Mount Royal. New to the municipal political arena, Denis Coderre and Mélanie Joly listened to our concerns rather than offering concrete commitments. As a Director of the Board of Les amis de la montagne and major contributor in the organization of the Mount Royal Summit, Marcel Côté, who suspended all activities with Les amis de la montagne during the campaign period, had several projects to discuss with us, as well as ideas for the reuse of institutional buildings. Richard Bergeron, who has been in municipal politics since 2005, also had ideas and suggestions for the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal.

For each of the candidates, we re-examined the major themes discussed during the Mount Royal Summit to underline the importance of taking priority action for the mountain:

We invite you to consult the candidates’ platforms, as well as the debate held by the Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal held October 7 last on the subject of transportation and the environment, where Mount Royal was mentioned numerous times.

The person who will lead Montreal after the November 3 elections has a sizeable challenge ahead. Les amis de la montagne are hopeful that the challenges for the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal are integrated in the city’s strategies and development plans, and that the necessary actions are taken quickly to allow the perpetuity of Mount Royal for the benefit of all Montrealers and Quebecers. Please exercise your right to vote on November 3!

L to R: Robert Alain, Jeffrey Drummond, Armand De Mestral, Patrick Kenniff, Sylvie Guilbault, Denis Coderre, Peter A. Howlett, Helen Fotopulos, Marie-Odile Trépanier
L to R: Sylvie Guilbault, Mélanie Joly, Peter A. Howlett
L to R: Sylvie Guilbault, Marcel Côté, Judith Kavanagh, Peter A. Howlett, Patrick Kenniff
L to R: Sylvie Guilbault, Richard Bergeron, Marie-Odile Trépanier, Robert Alain

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