Press release - accessibility to Mount Royal remains an important issue

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Registration procedure – former Sulpicians’ philosophy seminary
Access to Mount Royal remains an important issue

Montreal, November 11, 2010 – Today, November 11, 2010, numerous citizens in the Ville-Marie borough have the opportunity to sign an official register concerning a special by-law associated with the proposed residential project on the site of the former Sulpicians’ philosophy seminary, located within the protected territory of the Mount Royal Historic and Natural District.

The Ville de Montréal requires a total of 71 signatures to hold a referendum on the topic. With 71 signatures, the project could be the subject of a referendum or be withdrawn.

Last May, the municipal administration demonstrated its will to protect the site’s integrity by refusing the developer’s too-large residential project and by limiting all future construction on the site to the existing built volume. In October, the Ville de Montréal approved a reduced version of the project. However, the original project consisted of an essential element to its acceptability, namely access to the site by the public. The developer has since withdrawn this condition.

Mount Royal is more than a park. It constitutes a collective heritage where its value is greater than the sum of its parts, justifying a special classification by the Quebec government. The institutional properties on Mount Royal are characterized by their access to the public. The presence of our institutions on the prestigious mountain constitutes a privilege that also comes with the duty to preserve this heritage on behalf of the entire community.

Although the stipulations in the official registry do not include accessibility to the site of the former Sulpicians’ seminary by the public, this remains an important issue for the mountain. The present registry process is the only remaining tool available to citizens to express their point of view.


Gabrielle Korn
Director of communications
Les amis de la montagne
514 843-8240, ext. 237

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