Reminder - public forum this Wednesday, April 20 at 5:30 p.m.

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Join us for Les amis de la montagne's public forum, a place to exchange ideas about issues and projects affecting the mountain.

The Mont Royal territory: imagining the site as accessible and permeable

Source: Google Maps, 2011
The Mont Royal Historic and Natural District has an abundance of highly frequented sites. Parks, universities, hospitals and cemeteries: thousands of Montrealers and tourists converge daily on this territory.
Several transportation methods provide access to the site, including walking, cycling, bus and car, a combination that is often less than harmonious. As such, the Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan suggests the option of a concerted strategy regarding accessibility to the mountain, since these methods of transportation are often inseparable.
As one of the most important landmarks in Montreal’s urban landscape, how do we make access to Mount Royal more functional and adapted to different methods of transportation, while conserving its heritage character? How do we improve the permeability of the natural and historic district and make it more welcoming?


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Accessibility to Mont Royal: the physical, the immaterial and the ephemeral
The public forum takes to the streets, where the landscapes of the southern flank of the mountain become the terrain for exploration and exchange, open to all. What are the access points open to the public from the city to the mountain? What areas are in need of reconfiguration and what concerns do citizens have regarding accessibility? Join us to better understand the mountain’s accessibility issues and how they relate to protection challenges.

For more information, please contact Firoozeh Djavedani, community relations coordinator, at 514 843-8240, ext. 241.

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