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Learning & Having Fun on the Mountain

All our environmental programs and outdoor activities take place on Mount Royal. As one of Montréal’s most popular green spaces, it’s the ideal location for kids to rediscover nature, brush up on history and biodiversity, and experience the great outdoors right here in the city. Our approach is focused on awakening a sense of wonder in each child and deepening their overall understanding of the environment.

Good news! Our activities for children's groups are back this winter. Sports teams, scout groups, and recreation and daycare centres are welcome as of January 8. New: we will be hosting day camps during spring break.

Ages : 8 to 12 years (the activity can easily be adapted for all primary school-aged children)

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $13/child. Minimum cost of $234 + taxes. Maximum of 26 children per group.

A Beast in the Neighborhood : Accompanied by our guides, the group will put on snowshoes to explore the snow-covered trails of Mount Royal. A mysterious animal moves around the area regularly and you will learn to snowshoe while following its tracks and solving puzzles. After this hike, the flora and fauna of Mount Royal in winter will hold no secrets for you!

Daycare centres on a pedagogical day can combine the walk with a snow-tubing activity.

Day camps and daycare centres: we’ll be glad to welcome you during spring break!

To ensure the health and safety of the participants, please follow all public health measures in effect.

Ages : 8 to 12 years, Welcome, Cubs!

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $13/child. 

Minimum cost of $234 + taxes. Maximum of 26 children per group.

As they wend their way through the forest on snowshoes, the children will attempt to decode the secret language of animals in winter. They’ll develop their tracking skills by searching for clues indicating the presence of animals and humans, past and present.  This is a new way to initiate children into a traditional sport and help them  discover ways of adapting to winter inspired by nature and Indigenous Peoples.  

The children will test their senses by observing and listening to the signs and sounds of nature in winter and sharing their thoughts on the changes and adaptations in the biodiversity of Mount Royal. Games, investigation and storytelling are among the  activities planned during the hike. Here is a quick look at the proposed themes:

  • History of snowshoes
  • Winter survival strategies (hibernation, overwintering, migration and adaptation)
  • Cold weather adaptations of animals (fat reserves, thicker fur and shelters)
  • Life cycle of a tree
  • Connections between changes in the soil, the flow of the landscape and the language and movements of animals 
  • The tracks of different species on the ground and the evidence left by animals on and in the trees
  • Bird species and their behaviour in winter 
  • Signs of centuries of human activity 
  • Conservation issues related to the human presence 
  • Leave No Trace principles  


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