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Learning & Having Fun on the Mountain

All our educational programs and outdoor activities take place on Mount Royal. As one of Montreal’s most popular green spaces, it’s the ideal place for your groups to rediscover nature, brush up on history and biodiversity, and experience the great outdoors right here in the city. Our approach focuses on awakening a sense of wonder in each participant, encouraging them to discover Mount Royal and deepening their overall understanding of the environment.

We offer half-day discovery walks that can be combined with an outdoor activity period. Our activities are geared for groups of children 5 to 12 years old.

Educational Activities

Educational Activities 5 to 8 8 to 12 Fall Winter Spring Duration          Rate per group*  
A Critter in the Woods        2 h $180,00

Who are These Fine, Feathered Friends?

    2 h $120,00

The Forest of a Thousand Mysteries

        2 h  coming soon
Fort Royal Rally         2 h coming soon
Art & Nature Workshop   2 h  coming soon

* Maximum of 26 children and two accompanying adults per group. 

It is possible to do a full day of activities on PED days. A full day consists of a discovery walk and an outdoor activity period. There is a 30-minute lunch break and you will have access to an indoor eating space, depending on availability. Please note that it is not possible to reserve outdoor recreation activities during the school break week.

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A Critter in the Woods

Season: Winter

Ages: 8 to 12 years

Duration: Half day (2 hrs) or full day (4 hrs)

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Who are These Fine, Feathered Friends?

Season: Winter

Ages: 5 to 12 years

Duration: Half day (2 hrs) or full day (4 hrs)

Activities and outdoor recreation equipment rentals for youth groups

Groups of 12 participants or more


Facilities and equipment renta


Rate per child and duration 


Snow tubing Children can safely slide down groomed corridors with artificial snow on the slope facing Beaver Lake. Attendants are on hand to ensure the activity takes place smoothly and safely.

4 to 11



$4.75 / 1.5 h

$6.75 / 1.5 h

110 tubes
Skate rentals Skate rentals are available so that kids can enjoy the refrigerated skating rink in front of the Beaver Lake Pavilion. Supervisors from the City of Montréal are in charge of site safety. Helmets ($2), padlocks and learn-to-skate walkers are also available for rental. 4+

$9 / 2 h

Maximum 90 students per group
Snowshoe rentals Explore over 2 km of marked snowshoe trails. A trail map and snowshoes are available at the rental counter at the Beaver Lake Pavilion. 5+ $9 / 2 h Maximum 30 students per group
Cross-country ski rentals Get your trail map and skis at the Beaver Lake Pavilion and explore the mountain’s 20 km of marked trails. *Ensure that there at least two accompanying adults for each group of 15 skiers, 12+ $15 / 2 h Maximum 30 students per group

All activities take place, regardless of the weather. However, Les Amis de la montagne reserves the right to cancel an activity due to bad weather or bad conditions at the facilities.

Lunch areas: For full-day outings that include a break for lunch, a section of the Lac-aux-Castors pavilion will be offered, depending on availability. All groups must reserve their indoor space in advance.

To ensure that your day of activities goes smoothly, you must respect your assigned meal schedule. No changes will be accepted.

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Snow tubing

Age : 4 to 11 and 12+

Rate per child and duration : 4.75 / 1.5 h and $6.75 / 1.5 h

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Skate rentals

Age: 4+

Rate per child and duration: $9 / 2 h

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Snowshoe rentals

Age: 5+

Rate per child and duratio: $9 / 2 h

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Cross-country ski rentals

Age: 12+

Rate per child and duration: $15 / 2 h


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The form will automatically be sent to the reservations team and you will receive a confirmation email containing all the necessary documents to ensure that your activity goes smoothly. 

All requests for group reservations must be make three weeks prior to the start date of the activity. Beyond that date, we cannot guarantee availability. Please note that it is not possible to reserve outdoor recreation activities during the school break week.

If you have any questions, please contact

To help plan your outing on the mountain, consult our ACCOMPANYING PERSON’S GUIDE.

During the School Year

From September to June, our top-notch educational programs and exciting outdoor activities are a natural fit for schools that wanting to organize a one-of-a-kind educational outing.



These activities are presented with the support of the City of Montréal.

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