Forest School on the Mountain

Inspired by the Forest School educational approach, the nature immersion program developed by Les amis de la montagne is a fun and unique way for youngsters ages 9 and under to reconnect with the natural environment through hands-on learning, creativity and play.

FROM 17 MARCH 2018 TO 9 JUNE 2018


Smith House
1260 chemin Remembrance
Montréal, QC
H3H 1A2

Guided by their interests and curiosity, pint-size nature lovers explore Mount Royal and learn about its protection with seasoned instructors in autumn, winter and spring.

Please note that our Forest School program is conducted in French.


Today’s youth are spending less and less time in nature, with the resulting consequences on their health and well-being. National educational programs in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom have shown that regular contact with nature improves children’s motivation, concentration, motor skills, health, self-confidence and social skills.

In Canada, the Forest School movement has taken root thanks to initiatives by parents and associations such as Child & Nature Alliance of Canada. This nature-inspired teaching method aims to provide an immersive experience allowing children to develop strong emotional ties to the local natural environment and a healthy lifestyle while fostering their overall development.

Forest School teaching explores such issues as:

  • Our affective link with nature
  • Introducing children from a very early age to nature
  • Exposing children in urban areas to nature
  • The importance of daily contact with local nature
  • The importance of having a chaperone to facilitate the experience and make links with the broader natural world
  • The role of families
  • Parents’ fear of leaving children alone in nature
  • The link between nature and health

Forest School on the Mountain with Les amis de la montagne seeks to create links between children, nature and Mount Royal. Young members take their first step towards becoming the next generation of mountain custodians as they learn about the natural environment, the weather and the seasons through experience.

Depending on the age of your child, you can accompany them as they discover Mount Royal or leave them with our experienced instructors so that they can enjoy nature throughout the seasons and become familiar with the fauna and flora of the mountain.

Forest School on the Mountain