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Who are These Fine, Feathered Friends?

Season: Winter

Ages: 5 to 12 years

Duration: Half day (2 hrs) or full day (4 hrs)

Starting point: Beaver Lake Pavilion, 2000 Remembrance Road, Montreal Quebec H3H 1X2

Accompanied by a guide, children will explore Mount Royal Park and learn about its birds while participating in various activities. What do birds do in the winter? How do they communicate? How do we identify them? You’ll have the answers to all these questions by the end of the activity!


  • Half day: $120 per group

Maximum of 26 children and two accompanying adults per group.

It is possible to do a full day of activities on PED days. A full day consists of A Critter in the Woods and an outdoor activity period. There is a 30-minute lunch break and you will have access to an indoor eating space, depending on availability. Please note that it is not possible to reserve outdoor recreation activities during the school break week.

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