Whatever the season or the weather, Les amis de la montagne offers a variety of educational and recreational activities designed for groups of children of all ages.

All our environmental programs and outdoor activities take place on Mount Royal. As one of Montréal’s most popular green spaces, it’s the ideal location for kids to rediscover nature, brush up on history and experience the great outdoors right here in the city. Our approach is focused on awakening a sense of wonder in each child and deepening their overall understanding of the environment.

We cater to preschools, elementary and secondary schools, as well as to daycares and day camps. Our programs can also be adapted for groups with special needs. Programs and activities are conducted in French. Please note, however, that our educators accommodate English groups to the extent possible. All teaching materials and handouts are in French.

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School Year

From September to June, our top notch educational programs and exciting outdoor activities are a natural fit for groups of children keen on enjoying Mount Royal through the seasons.
School trips to the mountain

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Day camps and youth groups are invited for some summer fun in Mount Royal Park! Games and excursions keep 6 to 12 year olds busy, active and curious as they explore the mountain’s spectacular natural setting.
Group outings to the mountain

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Self-Guided Visits

Mount Royal Park provides plenty of fun things for children to do at their own pace, from skating and tobogganing in the winter to picnicking and chasing butterflies in the warmer months. 
To ensure the best possible visit for your group, especially if you plan on eating in the park, please fill out our form ahead of time so that we can reserve any required services as well as a designated eating area for your group. We’ll also make sure to give you the heads-up if other groups will be on site at the same time.
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Photo : © Les amis de la montagne 

School Projects

As a NPO dedicated to the protection of Mount Royal, our mission lies in spreading the word about the importance of caring for its environment. Nowhere is this message more important than in the classroom where innovative green projects teach students about natural habitats and sustainability. Built on years of environmental and educational expertise, our class projects score high marks with teachers wanting to reconnect their students with nature.
Green Projects