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Summer Activities for Day Camps and Children Groups

In response to measures taken by the Government of Quebec to limit the spread of COVID-19, we are presently unable to accept reservations for group activities. Stay tuned by consulting this page in the next weeks to find out the status of our 2020 summer offer. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Les amis de la montagne invites groups of 5 to 12 year olds to enjoy the great outdoors without having to leave the city! Fun educational outings to Mount Royal get your bunch of kids outside playing games, discovering natural habitats and developing a deeper understanding of the mountain’s environment and heritage. 

Activities and excursions are conducted in French. Group rates are available.
Every day of the week, we offer half-day or full-day outdoor activities for groups of children ages 12 and under. All activities take place in Mount Royal Park, based out of Smith House.

A minimum rate applies for groups of 20 children. Activities are subject to change depending on weather conditions.
The Forest of a Thousand and One Mysteries

5 to 7 years
Duration: 2 h
Type of activity: guided
Participants per group: maximum 25
Rate per child (taxes included): $6.50
Minimum rate: $120/group

Elzéar, one of the Mount Royal Chalet squirrels, has scattered hints and challenges throughout the forest. Only those who take him up on the dare will find out about all the mountain’s secrets! Group activities and games allow participants to discover Mount Royal through play. Who knows? Maybe Elzéar will reveal all the mysteries!

Great Exploration Challenge

6 to 12 years
Duration: 4 h
Type of activity: semi-autonomous
Participants per group: 40 – maximum 80
Rate per child (taxes included): $6
Minimum rate: $240/group

A monitor from Les amis de la montagne greets the group and sets the stage for this far-reaching mountain exploration by explaining the game rules and objectives. Group guardians or camp counsellors then guide individual teams through various challenges in order to win clues revealing one of the mountain’s best kept secrets. Will teams be up to the challenge?
Fort-Royal Rally

8 to 12 years
Duration: 2 or 4 h
Type of activity: guided
Participants per group: 20 –maximum 30
Rate per child (taxes included): $6.50 (2 h) or $10 (4 h)
Minimum rate: $120/group (2 h), $200/group (4 h)

Under the guidance of a Les amis de la montagne monitor, children compete as teams in a series of challenges to win keys and hopefully unlock the mystery treasure chest!
Mount Royal Summit

12 years old and older
Duration: 2 h
Type of activity: guided
Participants per group: 20 –maximum 30
Rate per child (taxes included): $8
Minimum rate: $160/group

Kids learn about the mountain’s flora and fauna as they hike through woodlands to the summit of Mount Royal. This excursion also teaches them about the mountain’s history, geology and natural environments. A stop at the lookout affords a must-see view of downtown Montréal.
Les amis de la montagne can tailors its excursions and activities to suit all kinds of interests and groups, from athletes and budding historians to aspiring biologists. Call us for details!

Photo : © Éric Cimon

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