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As a non-profit organization, Les Amis de la montagne counts on the hands-on support of citizens willing to dig deeper into Mount Royal’s protection. Our volunteers learn about the mountain and the challenges it faces while meeting other members of the community with environmentally friendly values. Find out more about our environmental stewardship activities or sign up for our volunteer newsletter to keep track of upcoming activities.

Mount Royal: the best place to volunteer for a greener Montréal!

Les amis de la montagne relies on dedicated volunteers to help us fulfil our mission in a thousand different ways! Interested in helping out? Find out about our various volunteering opportunities below.

How You Can Help the Environment

Calling All Skill Sets

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Do you have office experience or a specific area of expertise that you think might be useful to Les amis de la montagne? Show your interest in Mount Royal by sharing your time and talent with our non-profit group.

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