Even if the first signs of fall are starting to appear, Mount Royal remains a beautiful green space for families to gather for a picnic, a walk in the woods or a quiet moment by Beaver Lake.

Teach your kids how to take care of nature in all seasons by following these three tips:

  1. Respect the wildlife by not feeding animals. Squirrels, birds and other small animals on the mountain do not require food because they find everything they need in nature. Instead, take advantage of your trip to the mountain with your kids to try to spot mammals or birds.
  2. Protect vegetation by avoiding walking off trail as this can damage plants and lead to soil erosion. When exploring the forest with your children, keep a lookout for native plants
  3. Keep spaces green and healthy by picking up your garbage. Put your waste in the appropriate bins or, if possible, bring it home with you (including food scraps). This avoids overloading trash in the park and attracting wildlife such as raccoons.

Don’t forget: every little action counts. Enjoy your visit!

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