The Future of Camillien-Houde and Remembrance Roadways

The mountain and its access roads have often been in the headlines since the City of Montréal announced a pilot project to remove car transit traffic on Camillien-Houde Way and Remembrance Road—the two access roads to the Mount Royal Park welcome centre and Beaver Lake Pavilion—starting June 2, 2018.

3 Good Reasons to Visit Mount Royal in May

Les amis de la montagne is celebrating the arrival of spring on the mountain! Young and old are invited to Mount Royal to discover, explore and enjoy this majestic green space.

Remembrance/Camillien-Houde Pilot Project: The Community Awaits Details

The City of Montréal’s pilot project to stop transit traffic on Remembrance/Camillien-Houde has generated lively reaction from the Montréal community since it was announced last February.

Chapeau Mont Royal! Has a New Headliner

It is with great pleasure that Les amis de la montagne welcomes Diane Lanctôt as the honorary president of the 5th edition of the Chapeau Mont Royal! benefit event.

5 Bird Species Returning to Mount Royal this Spring

Mount Royal is a paradise for amateur and professional birdwatchers hoping to spy birds right here in the city. In fact, over 180 different bird types flock to the mountain throughout the seasons.

Work Progresses in the Fight Against the Emerald Ash Borer on Mount Royal

Felling operations to eliminate infected ash trees on Mount Royal are underway since early February. This type of operation must take place in the winter to minimize impacts on soil, vegetation cover and nesting birds.

The Best of the Best from our #mtroyalmoment Winter Photo Contest

From December 15, 2017, to February 15, 2018, the #mtroyalmoment photo contest organized by Les amis de la montagne (on Instagram) invited photographers to capture the rich winter scenery and landscapes of our mountain.

Les amis de la montagne’s response to the City of Montréal’s announcement about cutting transit circulation on Mount Royal

Given the absence of details regarding the proposal to put an end to transit traffic on the Camillien-Houde roadway announced on February 6 by Mr. Luc Ferrandez, the Montréal Executive Committee member responsible for large parks, Les amis de la montagne is currently not in a position to take a stand on this project, which has drawn much attention from the media.

Skating on Beaver Lake – What’s the Situation?

If you live in or around Montréal, you might have heard various news reports in the past month about the closure of the natural skating rink on Beaver Lake (the artificial skating rink remains open). This sad but true fact not only disappoints Les amis de la montagne but the thousands of mountain lovers that were keen on hitting the Beaver Lake skating rink this winter.

How the Campaign Against the Emerald Ash Borer Will Affect Mount Royal and Its Users

As we mentioned in a previous article on the fight against the emerald ash borer, the City of Montréal will undertake major work over the next three years in the woodlands of Mount Royal Park and Tiohtià: ke Otsira'Kéhne Park (Outremont Summit) as part of a major campaign against the emerald ash borer.