Montréal, May 20, 2020 – Les amis de la montagne welcomes the recommendations to add specific measures guiding waste management in Montréal parklands that were presented by the Commission permanente sur l’eau, l’environnement, le développement durable et les grands parcs. Recommendations were tabled on May 13, following the public consultation on Montréal’s 2020-25 Waste Management Master Plan.
As part of the public consultation, Les amis de la montagne introduced a vision for the roll-out of an innovative and effective waste management plan for all Mount Royal parks (see brief entitled Accélérer la collecte des matières résiduelles dans les parcs du mont Royal ​par l’innovation, la collaboration et la sensibilisation). Three main areas of intervention were identified in this plan: governance, equipment and public awareness.

Les amis de la montagne applauds the responsiveness and work of the commission members who agreed with the need to deploy this type of waste management strategy on the mountain and, furthermore, recommended its implementation in all large parks across greater Montréal. Several other recommendations made by Les amis de la montagne were retained by the Commission, such as the development with local stakeholders of awareness and mobilization campaigns promoting environmentally friendly practices.

“It is with great enthusiasm that Les amis de la montagne offers their full collaboration in developing a waste management strategy specific to large parks and implementing it in Mount Royal parklands. We are convinced that the success of this approach rests on our collective ability to raise awareness among park goers so that each and every one of us becomes an agent of change.”-Hélène Panaïoti, Executive Director of Les amis de la montagne

In addition to being an effective means of improving the resilience of natural environments, actions supporting the deployment of residual waste collections in large parks are a powerful driving force for achieving zero waste objectives pursued by the City of Montréal.
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Les amis de la montagne is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of Mount Royal through community involvement and environmental education.
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