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A possible bright future for the former Royal Victoria Hospital

June 22 2022

On May 24, the commissioners of the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) filed a detailed report following the public consultation on the Master Development Plan for the former Royal Victoria Hospital site, which sparked large-scale community mobilization. The report accurately illustrates the sensitive nature of the required approach and the scope of the issues that will require policy-makers to adopt informed, responsible and sophisticated choices that will allow us to continue to celebrate our heritage and enjoy this picturesque, mountainside location for a long time to come.

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May: Mount Royal Month ended on a high note…in JUNE…with the Prix du Mont-Royal

June 22 2022

Every spring, Les Amis de la montagne celebrates the return of the month of May! The 2022 edition of May: Mount Royal Month focused on the rich legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, the visionary who created vast parks throughout the continent, including Mount Royal Park.
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Towards Participatory Governance in Montréal Parks

January 28 2022

A new educational tool for participatory governance in parks sees the light of day

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New round of tree felling to fight emerald ash borer infestation

January 21 2022

Access to some of our cross-country ski and walking trails will be disrupted over the next two weeks.

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Latest Updates in Mount Royal Park

January 04 2022

The City of Montréal and Les amis de la montagne continue to ensure the highest public health measures to help limit the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining safe access to the mountain’s parklands.
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Photo Contest: Thanks to all participants!

December 21 2021

On November 13, Les Amis de la montagne revealed the names of the 2020–2021 winners of its famous From Solstice to Equinox photo contest. Those of you who follow Les Amis on social media have already seen some of the winning photos, as we’ve been publishing them one by one for the last few weeks just to keep the suspense going a little longer.

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Opinion Letter Calling for an Exemplary Redevelopment of the Royal Victoria Site

December 21 2021

Les Amis de la montagne, Héritage Montréal, the Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal, the Ordre et des urbanistes du Québec and the Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec address an open letter to the Quebec government..

Les Amis submits a brief to the Office de consultation publique on the future of the Royal Victoria Hospital site

November 26 2021

At the public hearings held on November 12, 2021 by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal, Les Amis de la montagne presented a series of recommendations in order to contribute to the vision and orientations that will forge the future of the former Royal Victoria Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute site.
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Repurposing the Royal Vic: an exemplary project to meet the needs and aspirations of the community

October 20 2021

An innovative space that builds on the environment and the community's well-being in a unique landscape inspired by the Olmstedian concept of the restorative urban park experience with a focus on sustainable development and accessibility for all.
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Pour une requalification exemplaire de l’ancien hôpital Royal Victoria

September 08 2021

Inauguré en 1893, l’ancien hôpital Royal Victoria est encore aujourd’hui un haut lieu patrimonial de la métropole. Situé sur le flanc sud de la montagne, il est considéré comme un bijou de la couronne institutionnelle du mont Royal, site patrimonial déclaré depuis 2005.
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