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Lend your support in word and in deed by volunteering, making a donation or participating in our annual charity events. As trusted friends of Mount Royal since 1986, we count on citizens and organizations to protect this iconic landmark that shapes and defines Montréal.

Give to Les amis de la montagne

Our registered charity is committed to the protection and improvement of Mount Royal through advocacy, community involvement, environmental education and stewardship. Your donations help safeguard and improve the mountain for today and tomorrow.

Benefit Events

Les amis de la montagne plans spectacular events atop Mount Royal with a view to raise funds for environmental education and conservation programs. Come join the party… It’s for a good cause!

Photo : © Tzara Maud Images 

Tuques Bleues in February

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Photo : © Alexandre CV & Rodolphe Beaulieu 

Chapeau Mont Royal! in June

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Become a Partner

Sponsoring Les amis de la montagne charity events is a great way for businesses to build credibility and increase brand visibility in the community while contributing to the protection of Mount Royal.
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Become a Volunteer

Head for the hill and join the hundreds of individuals, families and groups who give a little time and a lot of heart so that Mount Royal stays green and healthy.

Every Little Deed Counts

Have your say about issues affecting Mount Royal, whether it’s to report a problem in Mount Royal Park or to take part in discussions about nature conservation or the planning and development challenges facing the mountain today. Take our word for it: your views and opinions make a difference.
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