Our Achievements


Creation of Les amis de la montagne, a group of citizens and organizations committed to the preservation of Mount Royal’s natural character who oppose the construction of a mammoth telecommunications tower rigged for tourism in the park.


Les amis publishes a manifesto entitled “Mount Royal, Pride of Montréal” in a bid to bring attention to the challenges associated with protecting the entire mountain territory. This document prompts municipal authorities to declare Mount Royal a “cultural heritage site.”


Les amis signs a collaborative agreement with the Cities of Montréal, Outremont and Westmount for the protection and conservation of Mount Royal. This agreement leads to the creation of an Interim Steering Committee bringing together the main institutions located on the mountain.


Les amis plays an active role in working groups and public consultations dealing with the Preliminary Plan for the Conservation and Restoration of Mount Royal. The plan is adopted by the City of Montréal in 1992.


Centre de la montagne, a non-profit group associated with Les amis, organizes the first-ever Mount Royal Clean-Up. Montrealers are invited to do some spring cleaning in Mount Royal Park in honour of the mountain. An impressive amount of waste is collected on this occasion.


Les amis publishes its first assessment of interventions carried out for the protection of Mount Royal since 1986. Recommendations include the creation of a unique government body overseeing the mountain as a whole and the prevalence of community participation.


Heritage Montréal and the City of Montréal present Les Amis de la montagne with the Award for Excellence as part of Opération Patrimoine Populaire de Montréal (now known as the Montréal Architectural Heritage Campaign) in honour of its 10 years dedicated to the conservation and improvement of Mount Royal.


Les amis plays a key role in private and public fundraising for the restoration of Mount Royal’s forest following the ice storm in January 1998. The first edition of “Les Tuques Bleues” benefit event is held.

Sauvons Montréal presents the Prix Orange spécial (Sorbet) to Les amis de la montagne, Centre de la montagne and the City of Montréal for their collective efforts in Mount Royal Park during and after the ice storm.


Les amis and the City of Montréal inaugurate Smith House, which was renovated thanks to a $1.3 million private fundraising campaign led by Les amis. Smith House becomes the park’s main welcome and interpretation centre as well as a symbol of civic engagement on the mountain. 


Within the context of proposed municipal mergers, Les amis presents decision-making bodies with a strong case for a global vision of the mountain whose management should not be parcelled out.


Les amis acquires and demolishes Clifton Apartments, a dilapidated building on chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, with a view to renaturalize the site and develop the green corridor linking summits in Westmount and Montréal.


Les amis concludes the 125th anniversary celebrations of Mount Royal Park by organizing the first Mount Royal Summit with the City of Montréal and Heritage Montreal. Dedicated to the future of the mountain, this summit eventually leads to the ratification of the Mount Royal Charter.


The Quebec government announces its intention to decree Mount Royal a “historical and natural district.” A change in government a few weeks later defers the decree to 2005.


Thanks to a $2 million donation by the Power Corporation of Canada to Les amis, the City of Montréal undertakes the restoration of the Beaver Lake (lac aux Castors) sector. This public-private partnership leads to other important partnerships with the business community for the sake of the mountain.


Repeated requests to government officials from Les amis lead to the creation of the Table de concertation du Mont-Royal, which brings together Montréal and Westmount city representatives, large institutional complexes on Mount Royal and organizations such as Les amis de la montagne.

For nearly 10 years, Les amis de la montagne plays a key role in discussions that eventually lead to the demolition of the Park-Pine interchange and its redesign as a large urban intersection.

Les amis presents the first edition of May : Mount Royal Month and Prix du Mont-Royal in collaboration with the City of Montréal and many other partners.


Les amis launches its Environmental Stewardship Program that involves removing invasive exotic species as well as planting native trees and bushes in Mount Royal Park and neighbouring institutional properties.


Les amis de la montagne drafts a 10-year strategic plan with the City of Montréal overseeing the consolidation and development of activities and services in Mount Royal Park for the benefit of park users and visitors.


Les amis de la montagne welcomes the municipal government’s decision to preserve the unique character of Mount Royal’s landscape by restricting the development of the site housing the former Séminaire de philosophie des Sulpiciens. This issue is of great importance for the future of Mount Royal.


Maintaining its efforts to promote the health of the woodlands on Mount Royal, Les amis collaborates with SOVERDI and Université de Montréal to create a tree nursery on the future site of the university’s Outremont campus.


The Association québécoise des interprètes du patrimoine awards Les amis with the Prix d’excellence en interprétation du patrimoine for its exhibition “Mount Royal—A Territory to Discover” permanently on display in Smith House.


In partnership with the City of Montréal, Les amis organizes the second Mount Royal Summit. The debate focusses on the four main challenges facing Mount Royal: the protection and improvement of the territory (including its vistas, landscapes and emblematic presence), the natural environments, the future of large institutional complexes and, finally, governance.


First edition of Chapeau mont Royal inspired by the famous fundraiser hosted by Central Park Conservancy. This signature event draws 500 guests to the Mount Royal Chalet.


Concerned about the increase and seriousness of problems and park usage issues in Mount Royal Park, Les amis submits a report to city departments in charge of park management outlining concerted measures to improve the situation.

In December, Les amis expands its food services in the park. Drawing on its 10 years of experience managing the café at Smith House, Les amis opens a restaurant at the Beaver Lake Pavilion.

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