Urban Development & Densification

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The green core formed by Mount Royal Park and the various cemeteries on the mountain is surrounded by an urbanized and inhabited territory. Low in density, this built space preserves the views between the mountain and the city. It also acts as a buffer zone between the city and the more fragile parts of the mountain.

Strengthening the Integrity of Mount Royal

Choices relative to the city’s urban planning, development and densification must contribute to the integrity of Mount Royal’s natural, cultural and landscape heritage. Decisions and projects have long-term impacts, and the issues at stake are multifold and complex. Here are some of the key issues facing the extensive territory of Mount Royal:

Protecting Mount Royal Ecosystems and the Development of Green Corridors

Considerable pressure is being exerted on the ecosystems of Mount Royal green spaces. However, preserving the biodiversity of Mount Royal also requires a greater connection with Montréal’s other natural environments. Green corridors connecting Mount Royal to parks, workplaces, homes and businesses facilitate the movement of humans and wildlife, bring freshness by reducing heat islands and help maintain biodiversity in the city.

Protecting the Views and Iconic presence of Mount Royal

More than just a hill in the middle of the city, Mount Royal is Montréal's emblematic landmark. Its presence in the center of the island guided the development of the city which has grown around the mountain’s topography. Densification targets for the downtown core may jeopardize the existing visual corridors between the mountain and the river.

Maintaining the Historical and Landscape Value of Cemeteries

Established on the mountain since the 1850s, cemeteries of great historical and landscape value occupy more than 206 hectares of Mount Royal’s green core. The funeral industry on Mount Royal must embrace an approach that takes into consideration the conservation of the natural environment and its landscapes, the enhancement of historic, cultural and landscape heritage, and the improvement of public accessibility to sites.

Increasing Walkability between the City and the Mountain

Providing environments conducive to walking between the city and the mountain is important to discover the territory and its history. The development of these walkways combining nature and culture is an innovative response to global warming, which fosters greater canopy, biodiversity and connectivity of green spaces, among other things.

Completed Projects


Current or Future Projects


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Protecting Mount Royal Views and Emblematic Presence

Le mont Royal pourrait-il disparaître? Account of the study day dedicated to the emblematic presence of the mountain organized by Les amis de la montagne and the Institut du patrimoine de l’UQAM, May 2016. 
Mémoire des Amis de la montagne portant sur la Stratégie Centre-Ville, November 2016.


Projects under Development

Projet de communauté Saint-Urbain, Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal repurposing project presented by Action Solidarité Grand Plateau.
Projet de l’université McGill pour l’avenir de l’hôpital Royal Victoria, by McGill University.
Projet d’aménagement du pôle d’entrée Cedar/Côte-des-Neiges, by the City of Montréal.


Completed Projects

Vision et recommandations pour le réaménagement du parc Rutherford, by Les amis de la montagne, 2015.

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