Mount Royal Governance

In 2005, the Government of Quebec gave Mount Royal the dual designation of historic and natural district. This decision helped define the territory and establish the current management structures and mechanisms. In 2012, following the introduction of the Quebec Cultural Heritage Act, Mount Royal was declared heritage site.

Mount Royal: One for All and All for One

The Mount Royal heritage site covers four Montréal boroughs and part of the City of Westmount. In collaboration with the City of Montréal, the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications is responsible for implementing the Cultural Heritage Act, the legislative framework that defines the protective, enhancement and outreach measures of this heritage site.
Established in 2005, the Table de concertation du Mont-Royal (TCMR) brings together stakeholders from the institutional, associative, governmental and municipal sectors. Les amis de la montagne plays an active role as a member organization and participates in the establishment of a consensus on the accessibility, protection and valorization of the territory, as well as the implementation of actions aimed at the management and development of the Mount Royal heritage site.
In collaboration with key actors and stakeholders, Les amis de la montagne actively seeks solutions and takes part in reflections pertaining to the governance of Mount Royal, such as
  • How can the development of a coherent and effective governance model be pursued while fostering the participation of public and institutional institutions alongside the public society? 
  • How can the coordination of interventions in Mount Royal Park be improved? 
  • Does the status of heritage site address issues relative to the protection of Mount Royal? 
  • Does the declared heritage site territory include all the major components of the mountain and meet the integrated management and vision objectives of the territory? 
  • Can the implementation of the Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan and Pacte patrimonial (heritage pact) be more effective? What about monitoring and updating? 
  • How to improve the coordination and management by the Ministry of Culture and Communications, Cities of Montréal and Westmount, boroughs and Bureau du Mont-Royal? 
  • Is the role of the TCMR as an advisor to the Bureau du Mont-Royal to monitor the implementation of the Mount Royal Protection and Enhancement Plan sufficient to meet the priority objectives of protecting the mountain? 
  • Does the composition of the TCMR adequately reflect the diversity of all concerned parties involved in the protection and improvement of Mount Royal? 

For More Information 

Paper by Les amis de la montagne on the renewal of the Québec government's Cultural Policy, August 2016.
Paper by Les amis de la montagne on the proposed conservation plan for the Mount Royal heritage site, November 2016.
Paper by Les amis de la montagne on Bill 121 An Act to increase the autonomy and powers of the Ville de Montréal, the metropolis of Québec, March 2017.

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