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School Year Programming

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Have a Field Day on Mount Royal!

Our activities in Mount Royal Park are back !
Treat your students to a field trip that makes the grade! Les amis de la montagne offers educational and recreational activities on Mount Royal designed for schools and groups of children looking to enjoy the great outdoors in an urban setting.

In order to offer you and your students a worry-free and memorable outing in nature, we have evaluated and adjusted each of our programs. All health measures related to COVID-19 will be respected during your visit. We reserve the right to modify activities according to current public health recommendations.

An Effective Way to Integrate Knowledge

Mount Royal provides fertile ground for learning thanks to Les amis de la montagne! Our school programs provide a hands-on learning experience in nature based on educational objectives specified by the Quebec Education Program.

As they explore the mountain with experienced educators, children discover its biodiversity, geology and history through adventure, exploration and games. Students learn about the environment and consumption, community life and citizenship, health and well-being. Our programs have been designed so that themes can be explored in the classroom, awakening kids to the importance of acting responsibly to preserve the environment.

Educational Activities

Educational Activity Pre 1er 2e 3e Sec Fall    
Mount Royal through the Seasons1 ​​             2h / 4.5h $10 / $13
Fort Royal Rally 1                 2h / 4.5h $10 / $13
The Mount Royal Challenge Rally 1                 2h / 4.5h $10 / $13
Mount Royal Summit                 2h $10

1 These activities are offered as half-days (2 h/$10) or full days (4.5 h/$13)

Mount Royal through the seasons  
Preschool, Elementary Cycle 1
Half day (2 hr) or full day (4.5 hr) 
During this walking tour, students will discover the secrets of the mountain. Contact with trees, animals and other elements of nature will be encouraged through games and other sensory activities.

Fort Royal Rally
Elementary Cycles 2 and 3
Half day (2 hr) or full day (4.5 hr) 
During this exploratory hike, students will be divided into teams and will face challenges. Observation, listening and cooperation will be required in order to obtain the key that opens the treasure chest. This is a fun dive into the history, geology and biodiversity of Mount Royal. It is also possible to dive more deeply into certain themes.

The Mount Royal Challenge Rally
Half day (2 hr) or full day (4.5 hr) 
This activity calls on students' spirit of cooperation, as they explore Mount Royal in teams, seeking clues and rising to challenges. They will be made aware of the major issues related to conservation of the mountain's biodiversity and they will visit its emblematic points.

Mount Royal Summit
Half day (2 hr)
During a hike that passes emblematic areas of the mountain, students will discover the multiple facets of Mount Royal: its history, its biodiversity and its stunning vistas. Landscape interpretation, initiation to geology and tree identification are part of the program activities.

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Recreational Winter Activities

Les amis de la montagne offers an equipment rental service for various sports such as snow tubing, skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Access to the skating rink and marked trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Mount Royal Park is free. Access to snow tubing lanes is not free as it is a supervised activity.

Special rental rates are available for groups of 12 or more (prior reservation on weekdays only). Note that activities are offered from mid-December to mid-March, depending on weather conditions.

The schedule of activities and reservation form will be available in December.

The schedule of activities and reservation form will be available in December.


Activity Age Rate per child and duration Availability
Snow tubing 4 to 11 years
12 years and +
$4 / 1 h 30
$6 / 1 h 30
140 tubes
Skate rentals for groups 4 years and + $9 / 2 h 400 pairs (from size 13 child to size 12 adult)
Snowshoe rentals for groups 5 years and + $9 / 2 h 25 pairs (5 to 8 years)
30 pairs (9 to 12 years)
60 pairs (13 years and +)
Initiation to cross-country skiing 6 to 16 years $20 (equipment and taxes included) Minimum 8 participants and maximum 12 participants per group
Cross-country ski rentals for groups 12 years and + $15 / 2 h 45 pairs


Other Types of Equipment for Rental

Equipment Description Age Rate per child and duration Availability
Helmet Protective helmet for skating or sliding 4 to 16 years $2 / 2 h 50 helmets
Skating support bar For beginner skaters 4 to 8 years $4 25 bars
Lock Free footlockers (subject to availability)   $3.25 / unlimited 50 locks

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No budget? No problem!

Financial assistance is available to help you come to Mount Royal with your class! The La culture à l’école program allows you to do two free cultural outings each year. For more information, refer to the government website on Field trips to cultural venues and the Répertoire culture-éducation.

The Une école montréalaise pour tous program distributes funding per student. For information on which primary schools benefit from this program, please see Une école montréalaise pour tous (French only).

Groups with Special Needs

When possible, we are always pleased to adapt our school programs for individuals with disabilities. To find out how we might tailor our activities to meet specific requirements, please contact us at 514 843-8240, ext. 500 or by email at


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